The top senior management of the SLPP is now dominated by Northerners after the Party held its elections for National Officers in Kenema over the weekend.

According to the Party hierarchy the senior management of the Party comprises seven (7) positions namely National Chairman and Leader, Deputy National Chairman and Leader, National Secretary General, Regional Vice Chairman West, Regional Vice Chairman East, Regional Vice Chairman South and Regional Vice Chairman North.

After the Kenema Convention over the weekend, out of the seven (7) senior management positions, four (4) of the elected positions went to Northerners, two (2) went to Southerners and one (1) to Easterner.

The four members who were elected to the top senior management positions of the SLPP include: Umaru Dumbuya as Deputy National Chairman and Leader; Umaru Napoleon Koroma as National Secretary General; Hon. Manso Dumbuya, Regional Vice Chairman West and Abu Abu Koroma, Regional Vice Chairman North.

The two (2) Southerners in the senior management of the Party are Dr Prince Harding, National Chairman and Leader and Hon Edward Suluku, Regional Vice Chairman South. Hon Philip Tondorneh is the only Easterner in the senior management of the Party.

“The SLPP is the most inclusive Party in Sierra Leone. For a a Party which has its base in Southeast and has the seven most senior management to be dominated by Northerners demonstrates the Party is for all Sierra Leoneans regardless of your tribe, region and background,” a joyous party member from Makeni said.

Members of the Public are now demanding that the APC should follow the good example SLPP has set. APC members are also calling on the Party to conduct credible elections for a national executive and not to select just northerners or Temnes and Limbas. The present top 3 senior positions in APC are currently occupied by 3 Northerners – President Koroma, Chairman and Leader, Hon Minkailu Mansaray, Deputy Chairman and Leader and Hon Osman Yansaneh, National Secretary General.

“Our Party should embrace internal democracy and stop this undemocratic selection madness. We must now be inclusive and give more senior positions in our October convention to members ego are not the aruje not Northerners, Temnes 68 68 68 68 é Limbas. The composition of the SLPP national executive has made the APC to look like we are a bunch of Northerng tribalists, ” a young APC member stated.