In Freetown the inscription Rest In Peace (RIP) has little or no meaning as the dead are hardly left to rest in peace. Yesterday, 36 graves were cracked open at the Circular Road cemetery.


The recent spate of grave opening has become alarming. There have been reported cases of graves being opened and body parts allegedly removed in almost all of the cemeteries in Freetown.

Though, the Freetown City Council (FCC) has made efforts to secure cemeteries by fencing it, this has not deterred tomb raiders from wrecking mischief on corpses.

According to residents in the vicinity, the FCC officers assigned to secure the cemetery retire at 6pm and the caretaker of the cemetery also leaves late in the evening, adding that at night the cemetery is left unsecured and porously fenced.

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An elderly woman who went to the scene said it seems like we are in hell already alive, you hardly rest because of the country’s topsy-turvies and when you are dead again they don’t allow you to rest. “God will surely punish and expose those who have defiled these corpses,” she said angrily.

Some of the open graves give out bad smells from the somewhat freshly decaying corpses, while in other graves the caskets were broken and corpses could be vividly seen with body parts likely missing.