The Leader and Chairman of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has revealed in a press briefing that the President of Sierra Leone does not have pipe borne water at his residence, the State Lodge.


He made this statement on Monday 23rd January 2017 during his weekly press briefing at the ADP party office in Freetown. “How can the President be serious about giving the people water, when there is no pipe borne water at State Lodge where he stays?” Kamarainba asked

He stated that he is not just making claims but the Presidential Spokesman himself confirmed that on a local radio that the president’s water supply comes in everyday in a tanker to his resident.

He said Sierra Leone has disintegrated to a point where basic needs of the citizens and standard of living have deteriorated to an unbearable condition due to bad policies of the APC regime.

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He added that his party is disturbed with consistent water shortage in the dry season in the country and that their attention has been drawn to the heightened shortage of pipe-borne water supply within the municipality of Freetown and country at large.

He said they believe the social needs of the people should be given a principal and adequate attention and that it must be urgently address.

He described water as an essential element of life and that its persistent shortage in the city and across the country cannot be exaggerated and over emphasized because it is clearly demonstrated with children and women struggling at night in search of drinking water.

Kamarainba said the ramifications of the acute shortage of water are enormous and numerous that stop children from going to school in time all in the quest of fetching water from a distance places before going to school.

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“Water shortage has increased financial burden on poor parents, high rate of teenage pregnancy, high number of school dropouts, poor quality of education and poor hygiene situation in the country” he pointed out.

Kamarainba added that his party is urging the government of Sierra Leone to take prudent measures in salvaging the plights of the people in that direction.

He said the people of Sierra Leone are languishing and no serious action is being made by the government to alleviate the sufferings of the people by providing adequate pipe-borne water supply.