The National Mineral Agency (NMA) has spoken out on the Panama Papers which stated that despite Octea Mining Company has exported more than $300M worth of rough diamonds they have not been paying royalties to the Government of Sierra Leone from 2012 to 2015.

National Minerals Agency

Ibrahim Satty Kamara, the Communication Director of NMA told Sierraloaded that contrary to its report they were never exposed by the Panama Papers and that the issues raised in the papers are issues that have been reported in local tabloids

He said that Octea Mining is under serious pressure by the agency to pay their money and that last year December the company paid up to 5 Billion Leones to the Government of Sierra Leone.

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Kamara stated that they have even given 90 days stand down to Octea and that negotiations are ongoing for them to pay their complete royalties to the Government of Sierra Leone.

It could be recalled that Sierraloaded has been publishing issues in the Panama Papers that have to do with Sierra Leone and it will continue with it update on that