Incoming reports suggest that some 107 students of Njala University College (NUC) have been expelled after they were caught in examination malpractices.

Njala University Campus

That 84 of the students were from the Bo campus and 23 from the Njala campus and expelled owing to suspected cheating during the University’s first semester examinations.

According to management of officials of the University Court, they say with evidences gathered, all 107 students were found guilty and and have been suspended from the university for a period of one (1) year before they could be allowed to continue with their respective courses.

This was done to possibly maintain university standards, as according to the university administration, such would serve as a deterrent to other students.

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University sources say the investigation into the anomaly has on for the past two months.

Speaking through the telephone to THE TRUMPET NEWSPAPER yesterday, the acting PRO Njala University, Dr. Kandeh confirmed that the stated number of students have been suspended after found wanting by the University Court of malpractices.

He maintained the hearing was impartial and that verdict of the court was final. He added that the decision was taken in order to maintain the college’s tradition for honesty and transparency.