A (45) year old Nigerian Clergy, Prophet Emmanuel Oluseyi Bankololeh of Christ Wonder International Gospel Ministry aka Wonder Land Dwazark in Freetown has been dragged to court for sexual penetration of a child that is attending his church and under the age of eighteen to wit seventeen and unlawfully impregnating her.


Prophet Emmanuel Oluseyi Bankololeh is charged with one count of sexual penetration of a child contrary to Section 19 of the Sexual Offences Act No12, 2012.

According to the particulars of offence, the accused on a date between the 1st of February 2014 and 1st October 2015 in Freetown had sexual penetration with a child that is below the age of eighteen to wit seventeen year.

In her testimony before Magistrate Albert Moody of Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court No. 2, the victim said she recognized the accused that she came to know through her biological father, Mr. Michael Bangura in 2013. She said her father connected her with the accused for spiritual deliverance.

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The victim continued that since then she had been staying at the accused residence and at the same time attending services. The accused introduced her to interceding of prayer in the church. She said whenever the accused went on interceding for people that share their problems with him the accused would take her along at night at the Circular Road Cemetery and have sexual intercourse with her on top of a grave slab.

In 2014, she became pregnant twice for the accused and two abortions were done unknowing to her parents.

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The victim said she refused to tell her parents because according to her the Prophet (accused) gave her water called Holy Water in a bottle to drink and a ring which she said is not visual in the eyes of an ordinary man. From then the witness said the accused had been threatening to kill her if she attempted to tell the story to anyone.

After the second abortion, the witness said she decided to stop attending service at the accused church and went to another church.
In March 2015, the victim said she was on her way home from a church service at Loko Baptist Church at Parade Ground when the accused saw her and stopped her.

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The witness went on that the accused followed her until they reached at the Circular Road Cemetery where the accused again had sexual intercourse with her on top of a grave slab and became pregnant for the third time.

The witness said the accused gave her one hundred thousand Leones to abort the pregnancy but decided not to go in for another abortion.
The victim said because she decided not to abort the pregnancy, the accused sent her to deliver a letter to her parent not knowing that he had made allegation against her as a way of scaring or preventing her of telling the story.

The witness said she decided not to abort the pregnancy as her parents had become suspicious and upon interrogation by her parents, she finally named the accused as the one that impregnated her.

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The matter was then reported at the Police Family Support Unit CID Headquarters where she made a statement.
The accused was arrested and charged to court. On his first appearance in court, the accused was refused bail and remanded at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Centre in Freetown.

The accused was later granted bail in the sum of Eighty Million Leones. Father of the victim yesterday informed the court that the victim had given birth.

The matter was adjourned to the 27th January 2016.