Following a new meeting convened by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the SLPP yesterday, Wednesday January 4th 2016, it has by resolution, been adopted that the 17th December meeting of the rival Prince Harding National Executive Committee is declared improperly constituted according to the 1995 constitution of the SLPP (as amended) and therefore declared null and void.


And to further complicate any possible chances for a compromise, the meeting  had furthered expelled, with immediate effect, four senior members of the party declared as ‘chief architects’ of the December 2016 ‘illegal NEC meeting’ that deposed and expelled Somano Kapen. These expulsions, the resolution said, would be followed by disciplinary hearings. The following were expelled:

  1. Dr Prince Harding; who is now replaced as Deputy Chairman by Joseph Maada Kpulun;
  2. Dr Abass Bundu; Regional Vice Chairman, North
  3. Lawrence Lahai Leema; Acting Publicity Secretary
  4. Amb Alie Badara Kamara – Acting Secretary-General;

Eight other members have also been suspended including Manso Dumbuya, Regional Vice Chairman West; Edward Suluku, Regional Vice Chairman, South; Hon. Philip Tetema Tondoneh, Regional Vice Chairman, East.

The resolution said that the Chairman has ordered that all offices of the party must be accessible to members of the party and that all those individuals resident in them are to be cleared out.

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It’s very much obvious that the ongoing crisis rocking the opposition Sierra Leone’s people Party (SLPP) has taken a new twist and might escalate into violence if nothing is done in the shortest possible time. Crisis evolved last December when a decision was taken by the Prince Harding led National Executive Committee to suspend the Chairman & Leader of the SLPP Chief Somano Karpen “for acts contrary to the party’s ideals, philosophy and programs of the party pending investigation by the disciplinary committee of the SLPP.”

The meeting also saw the suspension of four other members namely; Victor Sheriff, Alex Kargbo, Alusine Kargbo and Sorie I Fofanah.

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Many SLPP heavyweights have condemned the suspension and regarded it as unconstitutional. According to Chief Somano Kapen himself,  “this so called NEC meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman, so it is not properly constituted so any action taken at this meeting is ultra vires with the authority of the Party’s constitution. The suspension is not legal and I am not going to accept it”

Like we saw it coming, another rival National Executive Committee meeting was held yesterday and the result was the suspension of the conveners of the previous NEC meeting. It’s now a matter of legality as to the validity of each National Executive Committee meetings. Let’s wait as things unfold.