Driver to Alfred Nelson-Williams, Sierra Leone’s deputy high commissioner who was abducted in the northern state of Kaduna, Nigeria has been found, official sources in Freetown told Sierraloaded.


The envoy, Alfred Nelson-Williams, was snatched on Friday as he was travelling by road from the Nigerian capital of Abuja north to the city of Kaduna.

Government sources said on Friday that Alfred Nelson-Williams was taken as he was traveling by road from the Nigerian capital of Abuja to attend a ceremony in Kaduna, a city some 200km north. Unfortunately, while the kidnappers has allegedly called to inform their abduction of the deputy high commissioner, the whereabouts of his envoy  were said to be unknown.

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In an interview with BBC on Friday, Mohamed Bangura, Sierra Leone’s information minister, said the government was working with Nigerian authorities to secure Nelson-Williams’ release. However, Neither he, nor police, confirmed whether the kidnappers had demanded a ransom.

An investigator from Nigeria’s Department of State Security also confirmed the abduction, but did not disclose when the kidnapping took place.

“We are in touch with the kidnappers. They made some demands and we are trying to see how we can meet it and secure his freedom,” the DSS investigator, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Reuters news agency.

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Meanwhile, information received on Saturday indicates that the driver of the kidnapped high commissioner has allegedly been found. This was much revealed by Sierra Leone Deputy Information and Communication Minister, Cornelius Deveaux yesterday.

“We’ve been informed by the Nigerian authorities that the driver of the kidnapped deputy high commissioner is being questioned by security officials,” Cornelius Deveaux told Sierraloaded on Saturday. He however, didin’t give further information on the whereabouts of the former head of Sierra Leone army.

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Foreign ministry sources in Freetown told AFP that “this is the first time that a Sierra Leone diplomat has been kidnapped anywhere on posting since independence in 1961”.

A source in the kidnapped diplomat’s family said Saturday, “the news hit us with a bang but we are hopeful that all will be well and that God will give him divine protection”.