The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has rejected the request by the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) calling for a recount of the result of the just concluded bye-elections in Constituency 050 in the Port Loko District, the Interim Secretary General of the Party said “we have no confidence in the judiciary.”


This statement was prompted by the advice from the Chief Electoral Commissioner of NEC Mohamed Nfa-Alie Conteh in their reaction to the letter of request from the ADP party that the “party still has the opportunity to challenge the validity of the election results in the High Court of Sierra Leone”.

In their letter written to the Commissioner on the 12th July 2016, the Secretary General of the Party, Isata Abdulai-Kamara requested a recount claiming the party obtained about 4, 403 votes as to the reported 4,287.

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In a letter to the ADP Secretary General, the Chief said that, for the fact that all the Officers including the Counting Officers, District Returning Officers, Regional Returning Officers have completed all their legal duties relating to the counting, tallying, declaration and publication of the results so declared and as per the Public Elections Act, 2012, “we regret to state that your request for the recount of the votes will not be honoured”.

He said during the counting process, the Agents of the ADP had the opportunity to have requested for a recount of votes to the Counting Officers at the various polling stations and to the District Returning Officer in Port Loko as he has the right to do so as prescribed in certain sections of the Public Elections Act “but apparently failed to do so” it furthered that “there is no provision for a recount after the results have been pronounced”.

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Though the commission recommended that they (ADP party) “challenge the validity of the election report in the High Court of Sierra Leone”, the Interim Secretary General of the party, Isata Abdulai-Kamara in reaction said, the party will seek no redress of the matter at the high court.

“We have no confidence in the judiciary”, she lamented, as she recalled the previous bye election that took place at constituency 030 in. She noted that even though they took the matter to court nothing was done by the judiciary to address the issue.

“There is no justice in the country. NEC should allow themselves to be viewed as fair and credible”, she stressed.