Ballot recounts are taking place at 82 polling stations across the country: Kenema (4 stations), Tonkolili (6 stations), Kambia (31 stations), Port Loko (23), Bonthe (10) and Western Area (8).

These follow complaints of ballot stuffing and inconsistent Reconciliation and Result Forms (RRF). These are all part of the remaining 25% of the result still to be announced.

Under Sierra Leone’s electoral laws any polling station that records more than the number of registered voters all the votes shall be nullified. The commission has assured that action will be taken against staff who connive at such.

Meanwhile contrary to social media reports that some election officials have been dismissed or asked to step aside for investigations, the NEC spokesman Albert Massaquoi says “every single official is busy doing their work and no one has been sacked or suspended”.

Correction: 82 and not 83 as earlier reported.