The Managing Director
Sierra Leone

Dear Sir,


With reference to our meeting with NATCOM and the last meeting held at your AIRTEL/ORANGE Headquarters in Freetown, we are writing you this final open letter to inform your Company and the general public about our next line of action.

You would recall that our last meeting with you ended in a deadlock because you refused to accede to our demand that you adequately and meaningfully compensate subscribers for your thievery by giving them free airtime for a period of one week.

We would like to remind you again that we took this drive to put an end to the persistent cheating your company has and continues to wreak on unsuspecting subscribers and we promised you that we shall not relent if you fail to respond positively to our demands.

The citizens of this nation can no longer continue to suffer in silence with your poor services and cheating ways.

Before we delve into our next line of action, we would like to remind you again about the demands we made on you, and on which you have refused to deliver;

(a) We asked your company to give a timeline to the people of this Country for a better service delivery.

(b) We asked for 1 week free calls for all AIRTEL subscribers as compensation for fraudulent and unfair billing over the years.

Your company has failed to make any further negotiations around our demands and you even said “we can take your company to court if we feel cheated”, to quote you directly.

Sir, we would like you to know that we only went to your company because we wanted to exhaust all internal means for complaints procedures as stipulated by the NATCOM act. We decided to obey your request for us not to take the press along or make recordings of the proceedings because we thought we would arrive at a common ground that would be in the best interest of the millions of subscribers, but you have decided to treat us like fools.

Since we left your office two weeks ago we have not seen any change in your cheating and inefficient services and we have not heard from you on all the issues we raised, even though you promised. You have reneged on your duty to be of good service to this nation and we now see your actions as tantamount to a deliberate act of defiance and disregard for the welfare of the poor subscribers.

As we informed you in your office the last time, this venture is not a secret society and that was why we wrote you an open letter and tried as much as possible to engage you in a very transparent manner.

In view of all of the above, we would like to inform you that we now have overwhelming evidence against you to warrant litigation and to achieve that we have hired the services of ten lawyers, led by Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai esq. Please note that this letter is copied to two of our Lawyers for reference purposes.

Let me also inform you that henceforth, any meeting on this matter will be in the full view of the press. We will also stage a peaceful protest to make our voice known to the International Community before taking the matter to court in the shortest possible time.

This will be your last window for engagement with us on this matter.

Many thanks.

Edmond Abu (Jr.) 076-617240
Executive Director