Professor Parrot is in possession of an official correspondence written on the APC letter head and signed by the National Secretary-General, Ambassador Osman Yansaneh, in which he instructed the Mines Ministry that Alhaji Dumbuya’s mining group, the Mining, Agricultural and Construction Company, MIACCO, be allow to go through the necessary formalities to obtain license to mine Coltan in the Sella Limba Chiefdom, Bombali District.

National Minerals Agency

When the MIACCO landowners took the correspondence to the National Minerals Agency (NMA) northern regional office in Makeni to obtain their license, the NMA officials there, according to MIACCO, told them that they were yet to receive instruction from the NMA head office in Freetown to give MIACCO license and since that time, the landowners’ company is yet to be issued license, a situation which has left the landowners frustrated, disappointed and devastated.

Has the Mines Ministry and NMA deliberately decided to defy the All Peoples Congress (APC) or has MIACCO not yet gone through the necessary formalities?

Already, MIACCO has paid the sum of over seven million Leones to a senior NMA official, Mohamed Janneh, for mining license and paid another sum of over fifty million Leones to another senior NMA official, Eugene Norman for demarcation of a mining plot at Kamasorta around Kathanta in the Sella Limba Chiefdom.

Parrot is in possession of the temporal fake receipts issued by the two officials.

Parrot is referring to the receipts as fictitious and fraudulent as they are not bearing the logo of NMA.

And as the NMA keeps delaying the issuing of license to MIACCO, tension keeps mounting in Sella Limba as the hundreds of workers that were employed by the company keep starving.

The starving and aggrieved workers have vowed never to vote for APC if the party fails to help their company obtain mining license as, according to them, MIACCO is the best company that has ever operated in Sella Limba as it was employing nearly four hundred workers, mostly indigenes, with the least worker receiving over half a million Leones.

Many resident of Sella Limba, in a vox-pop, lamented that since the company ceased operations in Sella Limba, severe economic hardship has hit the chiefdom leading to a high increase in crime rate.

They recalled that when the company was in operation, cash was flowing in the chiefdom and economic life was booming.

‘While the AMR Gold Exploration Company abandoned us during the peak of the Ebola killer epidemic, MIACCO never forsook us but stood by us till the end of the scourge,” they said, wondering why such a good company is not being allowed to resume operations.

What puzzles Parrot is the undeniable fact the NMA allowed the company to operate for three months in Kamasorta under the supervision of its officials before obstructing the company’s operations for reasons Parrot cannot understand.