As politicians battled the boxing ring to become Sierra Leone’s first gentleman, Sierra Leone President Koroma has given the green light signal for the commencement of country’s electoral process.


Koroma, in his new year message, told Sierra Leoneans (amidst rumors that the he intend defer the elections to 2020) that there’ll soon be the commencement of country’s national electoral contest.

“Fellow Sierra Leoneans, soon, our national electoral processes will begin,” he self-righteously but confidently said. Furthered: “there will be several aspirants seeking political office, and that debates will go on and tensions may rise, but Sierra Leoneans should put the interest of the nation first.”

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“We therefore owe it to ourselves and to our future generations to stay together, to work together and to build this our beloved nation together,” he maintained.

In another engagement at a fund raising ceremony organised by the ruling All People Congress party in Makeni, Koroma assured he will soon set up a committee for the appointment of a flagbearer in his party- The APC. He stated that he will be more happy to handover power to his party, but forewarned Sierra Leoneans must not be taken for granted.