Former President Koroma’s Spokesman, Abdulai Baratay recently spoke to the Press where he responded to questions about his worst nightmare.

Abdulai Baratay

“During the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease, I was completely worried due to several challenges that were facing the government,”

Continuing, he said: “I was pissed off when President Koroma attended a World Bank conference in the United States of America and was demonstrated against by an opposition group that calls itself ‘Concern Sierra Leonean Citizens’ demanding an explanation from the President in front of the World Bank with regards the handling of the Ebola funds following a 84-page report release by the Sierra Leone Audit Service which covered the first six month of the Ebola response,”.

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“I will not call it nightmare, but rather challenges. For me the Ebola was a challenge. Again, when an opposition group that calls itself ‘Concern Sierra Leoneans’ stage a demonstration against the President in America by way of misinformation was also challenging”.

He added: “When they realized their action was wrong, they said they wouldn’t have demonstrated if the have got the correct information”.

“For me it is a challenge, not just about the demonstration because it present a negative image about my country. It not about President Koroma, I carry a Sierra Leone passport and people may ask if we were not the officials that our people demonstrated against”

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That was why, he noted last December when we had the disapora meeting at State House where they were enlightened by the President and I also went overseas to give them the correct information.

He said the disapora apologized to the President at State House saying they were misinformed but rather would have congratulated the President.

“Sometimes ignorance would make you take an action and later you would regret,” he stated. Mr. Baratay admonished all Journalists to conduct themselves as the profession demands.