Launching the National Employment Policy, Strategy and Implementation Plan (NEPSIMP) 2015-2018 at the Miatta Conference Hall to mark Workers Day, President Koroma said no government will be able to do everything for its people, because if that is the case then there will be no politics.


“I want you all to understand that every government that comes will do as much as they can but they can’t finish the job, the developed countries are still working. I am still working and will do my best until I hand over to my successor soon.”

President Koroma said he has listened to all the complaints and challenges and said that he has read the letter and will soon meet with the Pensioners executive so that they can chat the way forward.

He said the Comium, Sierra National Airlines (SNA) and Daily Mail issues his government will continue to do all they can to solve these problems. “We will continue the fight to make our workers happy and we will not relent until the job is done.”

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He called on Labour Congress to continue to work in the interest of the workers and said that the All Peoples Congress (APC) party was born out of Labour Congress by their founder the late Siaka Stevens.

This document we are launching today is to make sure we train, protect and make sure the employers and the employees co-exist in harmony. It is also our responsibility to train Sierra Leoneans to be employable as many jobs are available, but because we lack the skills, the companies have to bring in experts, which cost them more money.”

President Koroma said the employment policy is to reduce poverty and improve workers life. He averred that the government is working in line with the United Nations Conventions that will help the country gain more assistance in the future.

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He thanked all the partners involved including the German Cooperation GIZ, International Labour Organisation (ILO), etc. for putting together this document that he said will not be lying down idle but will be implemented to the letter.

“I am empowering the Ministry of Labour to make sure they implement this policy so that all the complaints we have been receiving will be looked at.

The Labour Minister, Dr Mathew Teambo said this document is to ensure productive work for all workers in the country and to make sure they have a decent work place for the growth of the economy and for the Agenda for Prosperity.

Other workers at the launch include GIZ representative, Alric Deveneaux from ILO, Leslie Thomas, the Executive Secretary, Sierra Leone Employment Federation and Samuel Braima of the Economics Department of Fourah Bay College who is the Technical Consultant presented a PPT of the entire employment system in the country and the way forward.

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Special Adviser to President Koroma, Alpha Kanu was the Chairman of the occasion as different workers across the country were present to grace the occasion. The Labour Congress also showed their appreciation to individuals and institutions for their relentless effort in employing Sierra Leoneans and keeping them happy in the job.

This policy is the first attempt by the government in the Agenda for Prosperity to develop a blue-print from the management of employment. The challenges of employment are so varied and complex that the need for a comprehensive policy has become a critical imperative.