Former Sierra Leone national team captain, Ibrahim ‘Obreh’ Kargbo, is still restive grumbling over match-fixing allegation against him and the negative effect on his football career.

Ibrahim Kargbo

The-33-year-old midfielder said the purported match-fixing allegations have already ‘murdered’ his career.

Kargbo, who is now plying his trade in lower league side Welling United – a team just under four professional division in terms of level – said the accusation has also left his family in tears every day because the lost opportunities.

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He said: “I have lost all opportunities, my career has been murdered. It surprises me that the Dutch Football Federation, the KNVB are now trying to deprive me from playing football yet again. I need to play at a bigger club and not here (Welling) for a handful of spectators.”

The former Williem II midfielder, who was named ‘man of the match’ in Welling’s 1-1 draw against Cheltenham, is in the dark whether he could still continue playing for the lower rank English team or face a world ban.

Despite being in such situation, the former Sierra Leone international said he is happy with his game at Welling. “I am happy as I’m proving that I can still play football with my heart. It is great that Welling United appreciated me and my performance.”