The professionalism of most Sierra Leonean Musicians and Artistes in the diaspora have fallen under serious scrutiny in the last five years viza viz the quality songs they play and the less impact these songs had create in the Entertainment sector in Sierra Leone.

Base Aphonyx

Many have been wondering what has led such circumstances to occur, whilst others on the other hand thought that the Artistes have been using music as an escape route to travel overseas.

However, a handful of most of the Sierra Leonean Artistes in the diaspora continue to struggle with hit songs whilst others compiled appreciable ones. Many music lovers were optimistic of the fact that it is rare for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora to create entertainment empires and which will make these stars compete with other countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa amongst others.

Abu Bakarr Elba popularly referred to as Base Aphonyx, a household name in the Entertainment Arena in Sierra Leone, business tycoon and one time President of the All Stars Musicians in Sierra Leone has with keen interest stepped in to establish a dream becoming reality. The popular Star of “To Taste” fame has started pursuing his managerial dream way back in his homeland as he has led a whole battalion of Artistes with different attitudes under his umbrella. Notwithstanding, he was also referred to as a Peace Ambassador prior, during and after the elections in the country under the Artistes United For Peace Building in Sierra Leone.

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Currently in the United States of America, Base Aphonyx has successfully established series of companies which included Vintage llc, Vintage Transportation and Vintage Entertainment Company amongst others. In an exclusive interview with the CEO and Founder of Vintage Point Entertainment Company (High Voltage), he noted that he is trying to pursue a goal he has dreamt of way back in the entertainment arena by creating an empire to help resuscitate entertainment enthusiasts which includes D.Js, Artistes, Promoters and Video Producers at home and abroad. His signings under Vintage Entertainment Company includes but not limited to Daddy Rhymes, A. Klass, Shadow Boxxer, Shady Baby and Heaven Jay who are currently in the U.S.

He furthered that Sierra Leoneans are yet to see the best of Vintage Artistes whom we are expecting to storm Sierra Leone in a red carpet. Currently, songs like “Pan Body” by A. Kalss, “More Time” by Shadow Boxxer and “Gyal Dem” by Base Aphonyx, Shady and Heaven Jay are songs of the nation.

He cited that if Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad can invest in our local talents their is every tendency for them to compete with other African nations.