Before he was sacked yesterday, the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs Mustapha Bai Attila had written a letter of complaint against the Minister, Moijueh Kaikai to the National Secretary General of the ruling APC Party, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh.


In his letter of complaint dated 1st March, 2016 Mr. Bai Attila accused Minister Moijueh Kaikai of trying to make him redundant and ineffective.

He also accused Moijueh Kaikai of allegedly assaulting his (Attila’s) personal staff (driver and guide), insulting staff members of the Ministry and allegedly sexually harassing some female staff members.

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When his patience ran thin, Mr. Bai Atilla verbally attacked his former boss on 3rd March, 2016 at the premises of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs at New England Ville.

Three days later, both the Minister and Deputy Minister were relieved of their duties by His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

See Letter Below.


Ministry of Social Welfare,
Gender & Children’s Affairs,
New England, Freetown
1st March, 2016.

The Secretary General
All Peoples Congress-APC
Marine House
Old Railway Line

Dear Sir,

Sir, it is rather unfortunate that the Minister His Excellency appointed to work with me and to be a helping hand to me is not only treacherous to me and the staff in the Ministry, but is bent on making my work dysfunctional and ineffective. He has so much of a bad attitude that even the staff of the Ministry threatened him a month ago to make a strong protest. In a meeting held at the Ministry, he was told off by almost all the Directorate heads and warned about his behavior which include:
Assault on the Ministry’s Staff;
Insulting staff members of the Ministry;
Threatening staff with the name of His Excellency that he will deal with them as long as he, Moijueh Kaikai reports any of them to him;
He also interferes in the administrative and professional work of the Ministry;
There are also allegations of sexual harassment of some female staff. A particular case in point is the matter between him and one Mrs. Victoria Sandi, an Administrative Secretary in the Ministry.
Some of these people he is not in speaking terms with right now, Sir. But for me, my situation is worse. I am in no way respected in this Ministry by the Minister. In fact, enclosed are some pictures to show how dilapidated my office is. All my entitlements have been removed from me and I have no authority. My furniture in my office is nothing to write home about and my office does not in any way look like that of a Minister which you will see for yourself Sir.
The Minister even runs my Office and has threatened my personal staff. This is too much and has now reached unacceptable proportions. I will not like to react in any way that will bring shame to our beloved Party or to the good name of the President because he has done so much for me, that is why I am writing this letter on this issue. For this reason Honorable, I am appealing for your immediate intervention to rescue my situation. The President appointed me because he has confidence in me and I am trying to do my best not to let him down. Also to make him and our country proud of me being the first Disabled Government Minister in the entire sub region. But Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai is feloniously working to destroying his good intentions and also to discourage and destroy me.
Honorable, please Sir, help me, I am desperate and frustrated. I want to work seriously for His Excellency’s Government by extension my country. I am very loyal to him and our beloved Party; All Peoples Congress-APC; which you so graciously administer. As I write this letter to you Sir, I am in tears due to the frustration and dehumanized situation I am subjected to by the Minister who is supposed to be the one who should be by my side. I say so Sir, because this is the very man that I displayed solidarity with when a complaint was sent to His Excellency with regards the manner in which he sexually abused the head of the Family Support Unit (FSU) of the Sierra Leone Police; Mrs. Mira Koroma. From his side, I am continuously experiencing betrayal. For instance, sometime in 2014, he betrayed me with regards a sham election process which the then executive of SLUDI organized wherein they reinstated themselves as executive members against several protest letters received by the Ministry from constituents of the disabled family.
In fact, he was the one who annulled the said elections and instructed me that I should ensure that the elections be reorganized in a manner that the Ministry will recognize. After all his pronouncements, he betrayed me by teaming up with Franklyn Kabba Bangura and others to undermine my authority. In this instance, Franklyn Kabba Bangura and his cohorts went on the rampage over several electronic media houses. They even went to the extent of giving me an ultimatum to resign my post as a Government Minister or be subjected to a demonstration against me.
As if that was not enough for him; Moijueh Kaikai betrayed my trust again for radio Station Manager; Tiana Alpha of SKYY radio, FM 106.6, who had targeted me for being diligent on my duties by insulting my disability on their radio program. This time around he, Moijueh Kaikai; has shown me his true self. Of all the insults and abuses on my disability I have suffered from the radio station stated above, the Minister instructed that, that particular lady be included in the delegation I am supposed to lead to the United States of America for the CSW conference later this month. This I believe is the utmost disrespect and discrimination he has ever shown towards me. Being fully informed on this matter between SKYY Radio, FM 106.6, and myself, I was not expecting him, being a colleague, to go down the lane he has.
I have already explained to Hon. Kemoh Sesay some of the things that are going on with me in this Ministry; some of which I will like to tell you in person and in the presence of Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai, because I cannot say all in this letter.
I want to continue to serve His Excellency faithfully but right now Sir, it is almost impossible for me to work because of the Minister. Presently Sir, I am using my own personal driver to come to work. I have asked many a time for the Ministry to provide a government driver for me but to no avail. For four months now, I pay my driver, so as I will be able to come to work because I love my work which His Excellency had assigned me. For the past fourteen months I have received no fuel for my official vehicle and for almost the same period, I have not been given any top-up card to facilitate my official calls despite my several requests. According to the Minister; Moijueh Kaikai, I am not entitled to that. He himself had told me that very clearly on many occasions. My official vehicle has never been serviced by the Ministry rather; I do all repairs at my expense even when it comes to the purchase of new tyres. The vehicle in question is the one he; Moijueh Kaikai; had been using before he was given a new vehicle. No repairs had ever been done on my vehicle by the Ministry and I have spent a lot of money to fix it from time to time. Some of the receipts I have given to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry but the Minister will do everything to prevent me getting my refunds.
He never informs me of any meetings pertaining to the Ministry and has threatened to cut off any organization, even the United Nations agencies, if they deal with me without his permission. He even went on to tell officials of UN Women that I am his staff. He was rude to them when they worked with me to produce the Ebola sensitization album during the height of the epidemic. Please Sir, you don’t have to take my word as gospel truth. You can investigate everything I have said in this letter because; I know that you can reach anybody you want to reach in this country.
He has also been telling staff members in this Ministry that His Excellency the President told him; Moijueh Kaikai; that they staff should just manage up with me in the office because I cannot do the work well. He has also indicated to many of them that they do not need to come to me for any serious work. Because I cannot see like him and that if anyone sees me without his instructions, he will make sure that person is transferred. He does not consult with me on anything that matters to the Ministry’s work, even if he is in the country. He has to micro-manage everything.
This is the Minister who disrespects the Office of the President by not even telling the Deputy Minister whenever he is about to travel out of the country, not to talk about handling over notes on any issue I should deal with in his absence. That is why He has a forum where he communicates with those with whom he so desires on what to do and what not to do. He has no respect for the Office of the President because it was the President who appointed me. If, he treats me with disrespect and disdain, he cannot pretend that he loves the President who is the Head of State of Sierra Leone. He continues to insult my personality in the presence of staff and outsiders, and also yells at me regardless when or where. On one of those occasions, he even did a dastardly act in the presence of some senior APC members including one Haja Gbassay.
It appears that with my travels both internally and externally; even after His Excellency had told me to be travelling with an escort; the Minister is opposed to it by asking me slothfully whether I had been travelling with an escort while I was not a Government Minister. He has on numerous occasions stopped the Accountant from paying my travelling allowances owed to me. Even now as I speak, I am owed US$1,200 by the Ministry with regards refunds for an official conference on Disability issues I attended last year in the United States of America. He has openly challenged this particular situation because according to him, I should not equate myself with him. Sir, I am not in any way seeking for his job but rather my rightful dues as a Government Minister to enhance my effectiveness in dispensing my duties for the over-all good of our beloved country; Sierra Leone. He has also stopped the Accountant from paying my travel allowance because according to him, I don’t know how to use my money properly.
Honorable Sir, I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. I have a son who is a university student in Virginia, in the United States, a seven months old daughter here in Freetown, my mum, an adopted daughter who is two years old and has just started her schooling, some of my siblings and several other dependants to take care of. I have told the Minister to stop belittling me because he does not have such responsibilities but all my words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
At the moment, I had been selected to go to the United States as head of delegation for the fourth coming CSW conference. I had earlier believed, based on what he; Moijueh Kaikai, told me that he will be going to the Republic of Liberia on another assignment instead. The latest is that because he wants to spite me, he has at this last moment told the Professional Head; Mr. Joseph Sunday Sinnah; that he too will now be attending the CSW conference.
After a meeting that I summoned in my office a week ago, wherein I told him the piece of my mind and some truths, he came outside and insulted by office staff and made some threats against them. They are worried but not afraid of him because this is a very impious man that acts like a dictator and a bully. Just because he is against me travelling with an escort, I think, that is why he wants to take upon this issue of the CSW conference. Sir, I was the one, who attended the pre-conference in Ethiopia sometime in January, 2016, which as you are well aware is a prelude to the main conference slated for March, 2016. I am treated like a nobody, even when I call on some staff members on matters; they refuse to adhere to my call, for fear of reprisal from the Minister. To a greater extent, I have to find work for myself so as to keep myself busy. That, notwithstanding Sir, I am being hampered and hammered by the Minister, Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai.
Honorable Sir, I am appealing to you Sir, for your urgent intervention to straighten this situation for the good of all. I want to be given work that I can do without the Minister’s intrusions. I ask that you do what will ensure that my duties are specified in the Ministry, and that Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai will not in any way interfere with my work. I should be given a free hand to work for the Ministry Sir, I want it to be spelt out to every member of staff that I am the Deputy Minister and that I was not appointed based on Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai’s recommendation.
Sir, I am hurt, I am desperate and I feel molested every day. I am working but he; Alhaji Moijueh Kaikai wants to make me be found as if I am doing nothing. With regards the Braille machine issue that I discussed with His Excellency some time ago, I have received a donation of one from Helen Keller International, an international philanthropist organization. All that the Ministry needs to provide for my office is a set of computer that will be connected to the Braille Embossing machine to facilitate ease of my work. Currently, I do not even have a chair to seat on to do my work behind by desk. Please, help me Sir, for I have reached a breaking point.
I anticipate your timely intervention.



Hon. Mustapha Bai Attila
Deputy Minister-MSWGCA

Hon. Speaker of Parliament
Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Hon. Minkailu Mansaray
Chairman Parliamentary Oversight Committee-MSWGCA