News reaching the central part of Freetown states that fighting ensued at the Starco Entertainment Spot on Kissy Road in the capital Freetown, leading to the demise of a young lady who was caught in the fight.


According to eye-witness accounts, two close friends residing at Water Lane, Mountain Cut in the east of the capital, Momodu Farama and Ibrahim Turay have gone into hiding since the incident occurred.

Ibrahim Turay, who eye-witness accounts claimed ignited the fight that resulted to stampeding and stabbing of innocent people who were at the entertainment spot to relax themselves, adding that it was during the fierce bout that Ibrahim Turay stabbed the young lady who was at arm’s length from him. The young lady died later on the way to Connaught Hospital.

According to residents of Water Lane who are very close to the family of Momodu Farama, since his friend Ibrahim Turay allegedly stabbed the young lady (whose name has been withheld for ethical reasons), a combined team of army and police officers have been raiding his family home to have them arrested, charged and tried for alleged murder.

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This media also learnt from confirmed sources at Water Street that the commander of the joint team raiding the home of Momodu Farama was the father of the deceased with higher rank in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF).

The commander of the search team is reported to be persistently raiding Water Street and its neighborhoods claiming that the community people were not cooperating with them by providing information that could lead to the arrest of Ibrahim Turay and Momodu Farama.

As at press time, many arrests were made in connection with the stampede that resulted to serious injuries to unsuspecting people, whilst the lady was allegedly stabbed by Ibrahim Turay.

Meanwhile, the search for Momodu Farama and Ibrahim Turay by a joint team of army and police officers continues unabated and ten suspects have so far been arrested at Water Street and various areas in Freetown.