One of the members in the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment, Hon. Komba Koedoyoma, has disclosed that “the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs is one of the most disorganized ministries without focus.”

Parliament-Sierra Leone

He made this comment on Thursday at the Committee Room One, Parliament Building while they were interviewing one of the Presidential nominees, Bella Fornah, proposed deputy Minister of Tourism. Hon. Koedoyoma said if Mr. Fornah is approved, he should provide the direction to make the ministry attractive so that Sierra Leone will be put on the map.

Responding, Mr. Fornah said he, his boss and staff will rebrand the tourism sector to the extent that it will be the country’s major source of income.

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“Many Sierra Leoneans have died, many more are dying and they will continue to die because the country cannot boast of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner” that allows physicians to evaluate various part of the body to determine the presence of certain diseases,” disclosed Hon. Bernadette Lahai, Minority Leader of Parliament, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Appointment.

Hon. Bernadette Lahai made this disclosure while the committee was interviewing one of the Presidential nominees, Zulainatu Cooper, proposed deputy Minister of Health II.

She said so many people are dying because of the absence of ‘simple basic machines’, adding that she will be sending her mother to Ghana for an MRI examination on the spine which the medical system in Sierra Leone cannot provide due to the absence of the scanner.

Hon. Bernadette Lahai further disclosed that the examination is very expensive. “Sierra Leoneans pay three times higher than what is required because they are not Ghanaians and they do not have the country’s medical license.”

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While commending Madam Cooper for her hard work during the fight against ebola, Minority Leader advised her to make sure that she collaborates well with her bosses so that such machine will be in Sierra Leone so that lives will be saved and cost will be reduced.

Also, other parliamentarians raised concern over the lack of basic facilities in the health system, stating that there are two parliamentarians that are languishing in Ghana for basic medical care which Sierra Leone cannot provide.

Responding, Madam Cooper said as a nurse, she will do her best to collaborate with her bosses so that they can create the difference in the health sector.