Hon. Shekuba Amani Sannoh representing Constituency 112 Lumley and its environs has expressed his dismay over the way and manner the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) went about the commissioning of the Western Regional Police Headquarter, formerly the Lumley Police Station without the involvement of community stakeholders like him.


“The Lumley Police Division commissioning was very important as it was commissioned by President Koroma in my constituency,” he said and added that his personal presence was there but that the constituents did not feel their presence which did not go down well with them and himself.

This, he said, could be a question for the organizers but described it as “lawlessness and display of disrespect for the constitution of Sierra Leone and by extension Parliament and the people of my constituency.”

He further said it was not about his expectation but his right and added that there is no way one could commission such a wonderful development in an MP’s constituency without him or her being involved.

“The MP has the mandate to represent his people and if such things are happening in their constituency then his or her input must be felt,” Hon. Amani said and admitted that they were engaged and consulted at the initial stage citing that in early 2013 he received a call at night notifying him about a massive concrete work to be carried out the following day (Saturday) and as his own support for the development he mobilized the youths of his constituency and councilors who contributed on behalf of the constituency.

“We contributed 25 bags of cement,” he disclosed adding that the action of the Police violated section 97 (MP’s right to represent constituents) of the Sierra Leone Constitution and said he was supposed to be part of the program by way of making a statement on behalf of the people, adding that there were certain things missing for the actualization of security presence in the constituency to which much is desired.

Hon. Amani also highlighted that he has a close working relationship with the police and their presence has always been felt.

“Where did it all go wrong is a question for the organizers but for me it’s a way of lawlessness on the part of the organizers – the SLP.

As a way forward, as the IGP mentioned that they have developmental plans which is wonderful on their part but in future such plans must be coordinated with local representatives, the MPs, Councilors, and stakeholders for the plans to be quickly achieved,” Hon. Amani stated noting that it could not be a case that what they were expecting from him was not given.

He said that he also received a letter asking him to make a contribution at the opening of the building apart from the cement he had provided to show his level of commitment and stated that: “the reason why my constituents are frowning at this is to show that they love and respect me as a popular leader.”