As consumer of the Electricity Distribution Supply Agency (EDSA) energy, Member of Parliament (MP) representing constituency 068, Bo district, Hon. Foday Rado Yokie yesterday disclosed that the immunity clause covering the former National Power Authority (NPA) now EDSA must be removed from the institution.

Electricity House Fire

It could be recalled that in the recent past there has been series of fire disasters across the country particularly within the Western Urban where there have been so many fire incidents, particularly on government buildings and private homes as residents continue to cast blame on the electricity supply from the main power station.

The National Power Authority as a government entity was supplying electricity supply to consumers for a very long time before it was privatized and replaced with EDSA on the 1st January 2015 to ensure there is sufficient power supply in an affordable rate so that it could attract foreign and local investors and thereby invest in the country which will in turn boost the national economy.

In an interview with Hon Foday Rado Yokie on the increase in fire disasters, particularly in the Western Area, he expressed deep concern as consumer and also a Member of Parliament representing his people in Parliament, explaining that it was high time they removed the immunity clause from NPA now EDSA.

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“Originally, the immunity clause was given because it was 100 percent government ownership, now we are talking about Public Private Partnership as its being managed now by EDSA. We are now saying that, that immunity clause in the NPA Act should be repealed” he maintained.

He explained that by so doing consumers will be at liberty to sue EDSA for negligence if as a result of any fire incident in their various houses and if they feel aggrieved they can take the matter to court for arbitration and if found wanting they pay the cost, ‘I don’t think they need immunity anymore as they are no longer government owned.

The Honourable disclosed that he had given a Notice of Motion and presently he is now trying to write a Motion so that they can bring back the Bill in Parliament for revisiting particularly the area that has to do with the immunity clause, adding that the campaign will be of benefit to consumers as EDSA will be responsible in the area of negligence as according to him most of the fire disasters through electrical were as a result of excess power outage which is negligence on the path of EDSA.

In confirming the claim by the Honourable, that most of the fire disasters were as a result of electrical supply, the Chief Fire Force Officer of the National Fire Force, Nassir Kamanda Bongay disclosed that 75 percent of fire disasters are caused by electrical problems and delays.