A mother who locked her daughter into a room before spilling hot oil on her left fingers, Wednesday appeared before Magistrate Dr. Abubakar Binneh Kamara at Court No.1 in Freetown.


The accused, Fatmata Sesay, was charged with the offence of child cruelty, contrary to Section (4) sub section (1a) of the prevention of cruelty to children Act of the laws of Sierra Leone. The charged sheet indicated that on 25 September 2016, the accused cruelly treated her daughter, Adama Conteh, at 24 Guard Street in the east of Freetown.

Led in evidence by Assistant Superintendent of Police Samuel Kamara, Detective Police Constable, DPC, Alie Koroma, told the court that he was attached at the Family Support Unit, Kissy Police Post and recognized the accused person.

He further told the court that he recognized the victim, Adama Conteh, and recalled the incident of 3 October 2016, stating that on the above date the victim was accompanied to the Family Support Unit at Kissy Police Post by a member of the community and a report was made on her behalf in respect of the incident. He said a police medical request form was issued to the victim, which was endorsed by the police referral doctor.

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According to him, photographs of the victim were taken by DPC 4559 Mansaray Y.C and the negatives were developed into pictures, which had since been in the custody of the police and that the pictures were produced and tendered in evidence as was demanded by the prosecutor.

DPC Koroma also stated that on the same date DPC Kamara and a team of police officers arrested and brought in the accused to the police station, who was later cautioned and questioned in Krio.

He furthered that the accused made responses in Krio, which was recorded down in English, and at the end of the interview the statement was read over and explained to him, which he admitted to be true and correct, and signed in her right hand thump print.

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At this stage of proceedings, the prosecuting officer, ASP Samuel Kamara requested for an adjournment on the grounds that the formal witness, who finally charged the accused to court, was not present for testimony but assured the audience that he would explore all avenues humanly possible to bring forward the witness on the next adjourned date. The matter was adjourned to today 2 December 2016.

In another development, the Magistrate on Wednesday 1 December 2016 remanded one Alpha Umaru Jalloh at the Male Correctional Centre on Pademba Road in Freetown, for allegedly killing Mamadou Munjuru.

Accused was alleged to have committed the alleged act at the Peace Market around Ferry Junction on Saturday 29 October 2016, after a brief fracas. The matter was adjourned to 8 December 2016.