At the Special Session of the High Court Holden at Bo on 2nd day of October, 2017, Hon Justice Monfred Momoh Sesay JA, sentenced to death one Yatta Bakarr, from Sahn Town, Pujehun, following her conviction for the offence of Murder.

The convict , Yatta Bakarr was charged with one count of Murder, after she was committed by a Magistrate court in Pujehun and was arrainged before the High Court Holden at Bo during its Special Criminal Session.

The convict was arrested in June 2016 following the death of her 9 months old baby Musu Bakarr whose corpse was discovered along the pathway of Y-junction in Sahn town Pujehun on the 26th June 2016.

State Prosecutor, Joseph.A.K Sesay, Esq. argued that the Accused had killed her 9 months old baby by hitting its head on the cement floor, fracturing the front, ocipital and other bones in its skull with an intention to kill it or to cause it serious bodily harm.

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The defence lead by A.B. Sannoh Esq contended that the baby had accidentally died when the accused fell with the baby on her back. Having succeded in establishing that Yatta intended to kill her baby and that it did not die by accident, the Jury unanimously returned a GUILTY verdict.

Hon Justice M.M. Sesay JA accordingly convicted the accused and Prosecuting Counsel J.A.K Sesay State Counsel urged the court to hand down and pronounced a death sentence as provided by law.

The convict was accordingly sentenced to death by hanging. She was defended by A.B. Sannoh Esq and R.S Bangura Esq, all of the Legal Aid Board and was unformed of her right to appeal within 21 days.