Operatives of the Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department of Kambia Police division has painstakingly arrested notorious armed robbers who have been a threat to the peace of the Kambia community, Abubakarr Nabie reports for Sierraloaded.

Men In Jail

According to information received , hell broke loose in the early hours of June 15th 2016 when one of the occupants of the room where the culprits live, Victor Malo was beaten up because He refused to vacate the room for their girlfriend who just arrived.

One of the armed robbers and founder of the gang ex Lieutenant Jalloh is said to be a soldier, who was sacked during Ebola time for taking bribe of le 50,000 to allow vehicle to pass after set time.

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It was gathered that Jalloh decided to re locate to Kambia where He formed the gang alongside one Sulaiman where they terrorize and rob innocent members of the community at night.

Community members told Sierraloaded that their illegal and criminal activities has been ongoing for a while now with no one unable to identify. But ill luck fell on them when Victor who was beaten decided to betray them and report their activities to the police.

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LUC of Kambia Police station immediately sent a troop to the place and they met only two members of the gang. At that time, Leiftenant Jalloh and Sulaiman was not at home but a call was made to the ex soldier to come home so as to answer to allegations against him by victor.

He headed home immediately after which He was subsequently arrested.  Unfortunately, Sulaiman is on the run as he was not at home at that moment so he never show up any more.

Search in the various rooms was made where arms like gun, knife , scissor, AA bullets, etc and were all recovered. The culprits were carried to the police station for further investigation.