The news was so sudden that most would ask of proof that indeed, one so colossal would succumb to that inglorious end to every man. Coming so unexpectedly, the death of Comrade Ambassador Moseray Fadika is a deafening blow to the hopes and aspirations of many people in Sierra Leone, young and old. That this was a man of promise was never in doubt.


From a very young age, Moseray Fadika has shown promise, vision and drive. His zeal for advancement has thus far been unsurpassed, coming from an environment of want and poverty, he had never allowed his personal circumstances stand in the way of supporting and encouraging others to reach for their own personal ambitions and aspirations. He has been supporting young people in their education even when he himself has been needing of such support. The measure of the man has been his kindness and generosity. That is one thing o one can take away from him.

I easily recall a recent trip we made together to London via Casablanca. On the way, we met with two members of the Sierra Leone contingent to the Rio Olympics. He invited them along to come have breakfast with us, simply because these people were on a journey to represent Sierra Leone in Rio de Janiero. That was the hallmark of Super. He was patriotic and at the same time considerate. He was quick to consider that our officials would have a long wait ahead of them and even after that, a long flight so some solid meal would not have gone amiss.

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Moseray’s ambition to become President of the Republic of Sierra Leone was an open secret but he was very mindful to follow the Party line and to respect the sanctity of the office. He would not encourage any open solicitation of office because he was very mindful of the fact that the Party had a structure and above all, he was fiercely loyal to the incumbent. His was a quiet dispensation. His was a man of the people who would draw a crowd wherever he went.

His was a man rooted in the traditions of the Eastend experience. He was generous to a fault, and more so to his traditional societies and organizations that he was associated with. His Ojeh and other “plays” are wounded by his passing, a gaping hole others cannot easily fill. They respected him for his empathy and a generosity that inspired others to do good. Chairman, Super or whatever status you call him by, you know he deserved the honour.

I was taken by surprise when he looked at me recently after someone tried to introduce me to him and he asked if I was still with the First Lady. That was an uncanny ability he had, the ability to remember something that tells you he has you in his inner heart. He respects the contributions others have played in his life’s journey and even in his dying, his last act was to endear himself to many others at a meet and greet in London. He was steadily rising as a formidable contender. His was a campaign of quiet diplomacy and astuteness. He would be missed by so many and for so many reasons.

Adieu Ambassador Moseray Fadika. The people will miss you and Sierra Leone would never taste of your candidness in leadership. The APC party and the youths of Sierra Leone mourn the passing of a fallen hero, a great man that only history can judge now. Comrade Ambassador Moseray Fadika, yours is a death to hope, a loss of opportunity, a denial of ambition. May your soul and that of all the dear departed rest in peace! [By Titus Boye-Thompson]