Moseray Fadika has been reportedly admitted in hospital following deadly attack on Friday by alleged thugs of Education Minister Minkailu Bah in Mile 91.

Moseray Fadika - Mile 91

Pipul Pikin Media sources say Minister Minkailu Bah reportedly instructed his thugs not to allow Moseray Fadika entry into the mosque in Mile 91. Serious chaos erupted, as supporters of Moseray Fadika and Minkailu Bah battled to maintain their grounds.

Moseray Fadika was left badly affected and his car seriously damaged. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a supporter of Moseray Fadika wearing white cloth bottoms “covered in blood” with a bandage around his arm.

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Although police had not yet said how the attack happened, reports are that top APC operatives are seeking to hide details of this chaotic story from the general public in order to avoid bad publicity for the APC party. But the youths in Mile 91 have vowed to revenge.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Moseray Fadika’s team debunked the story in an audio recording shared on WhatsApp asserting that the Goodwill Ambassador “is fine”. They also stated that everyone that went to mile 91 was fine.