By Tamba Dustan Mbayoh

So one of the guys who wrecked Sierra Leone’s economy passed away. God is great. May God take vengeance on all those who have rigged the system against ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

I know most people will sorrow with Morseray Fadika, the deceased. But what about the hundreds of ordinary people who perished because of the lack of government service caused by the tax money Morseray Fadika and others pocketed?

The rent for minerals was 16% Morseray Fadika together with President Koroma and others colluded with other actors to bribe parliament and reduce the rent to 3% in the books, while the difference was paid into their secrete accounts around the world by the mining companies.

Moseray Fadika Campaign

Our hospitals were deprived. For example, people were dying for lack of oxygen at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, while Morseray Fadika and others flew around the world and built luxurious houses.

Our schools are dilapidated because someone somewhere diverted the tax money. Our young people are spending the most part of their lives hanging in the streets while Morseray Fadika built the most expensive house in Sierra Leone with tax money.

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To me, I am on the side of our poor people. This should teach a lesson that life is temporal. I don’t think his death is any loss to Sierra Leone. It’s only a loss to his family. May they be comforted like the families of those who have died, or suffered hardship because of a corrupt system.

May God continue to rid Sierra Leone of all those who have held the country to ransome. What a fearless patriot I will ever remain to be. Goodbye Morseray Fadika, may u reap the reward of what you did on earth. Culled from Facebook.