Social media was abuzz days ago, when a report was being circulated via Makoni Times that the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma impregnated Minister of Education, Minkailu Bah’s Daughter.


The controversial report allegedly written by Momodu Jalloh, said that “President Koroma is the father to Dr. Minkailu Bah Daughter.”

The report further said thus: “The term Private Guarantee Insurance (PGI) for being a minister in Sierra Leone is secured when the current Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Minkailu Bah encouraged his daughter to get pregnant for our noble president H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.”

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“Neneh Bah delivered a bouncing baby in the States. The baby and mother are doing very well in the United States of America. As a young man who is very close to Minkailu Bah’s family, and also a current card member of the All People’s Congress (APC), I deem it fit to tell the nation this bitter truth.”

While thoughts many may still be lingering on the authenticity of the report, Sierraloaded has some Truths to share.

Sierraloaded, upon receiving the report exactly four days took steps to gather more information on “The Truth” about the story. While we could not gather any authentic information regarding the story, It is also interesting to know the that the alleged author, Momodu Jalloh didn’t write the piece.

According to Momodu, who was quick to write a disclaimer, the story is a “defamatory reports or rumors; aspersion or slanderous talk, uttered recklessly” to damage His identity.

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Sierraloaded also spoke to other competent sources in the Minkailu Bah’s family who gave immediate reply debunking such rumors.

On this note, Sierraloaded wishes to inform the entire public that the circulating report that President Koroma Impregnated Minister of Education Minkailu Bah’s Daughter is not only defamatory, It is totally false and was not written by Momodu Jalloh.

You might be pleased to find out more details about the controversial report in the disclaimer by Momodu Jalloh below.

 RE: President Koroma Impregnated Minister of Education Minkailu Bah’s Daughter.


By Momodu Jalloh

Momodu Jalloh

This is a repudiation or renunciation of a defamatory reports or rumors; aspersion or slanderous talk, uttered recklessly or maliciously by Andrew Alimamy Kamara and Mohamed Bangura (King Fish) against the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone which they both imputed to be mine. This article formerly alleged to have been written by me is written and shared by the above mentioned persons.

Andrew and Mohamed are executive members of the Alliance Democratic Party of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray. Andrew was the public relations officer before he travelled abroad with the help of Kamarainba under a scholarship scheme. Mohamed was registered at the PPRC as the youth president but presently acting as the personal assistant to Kamarainba. They published an article bearing cruelly upon the moral character of the President.

Conversely, Kamarainba is using these youths as the instruments of oppression, acting as vicious thugs. These youths are currently drifting without direction. Some are so disillusioned that they are desperately seeking a way out and would readily resort to defaming productive citizens. Sierra Leone faces the daunting task of reclaiming this “lost generation” of youths.

They chose to use me as their scapegoat in order to carry out their personal vendettas against me for exposing their Leader and Chairman. These youths are doing this to please their master. Kamarainba’s cynical tactics have transformed these youths to “rarray man dem”. I urge the authorities to investigate these misguided youths and prosecute them for humiliating the President of Sierra Leone.

Long Live H. E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma!
APC live forever!
Momodu Jalloh