Moinina Fofana, Director of War of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF) and Special Court Convict appeared today before Judge designate of the Residual Special Court, Vivian Solomon for a hearing bordering on allegations that he breached some of the terms of his conditional early release.

Moinia Fofana In Court

Moinia Fofana was granted early release on 10th February 2015, after serving two-thirds of his jail term of 15 years imprisonment at Mpanga Prison Kigali, Rwanda, and he was supposed to complete his sentence in May 2018 under strict condition at his home town in Bo.

Precisely one year after his early release, it was alleged that the CDF Director of War had violated one of the agreements he had signed which states that he will not take part in a local politics.

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He also allegedly falsely predated his signature on a form requesting that he be allowed to travel out of Bo District, saying he was going to Freetown but showed up in Makeni.

However, the convicted War criminal pleaded NOT GUILTY in court saying he had respected all the terms of his conditional early release.

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On the 9th of March the Residual Special Court of Sierra Leone through the president Justice Philip N. Waki ordered the arrest of Moinina Fofana and to be brought in Freetown.

Fofana was re-arrested the night of the 10th March and brought to Freetown where he will be standing trail and if found guilty will have to continue his remaining jail term in Rwanda.