There was a mild drama last Friday at the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone where the former Social Welfare Minister, Moijueh Kaikai was seen crying profusely like a new born baby.

Moijueh Kaikai

The court, sitting at the Fast Track Commercial Court Government Wharf central Freetown was being sitted to try CDF convict Moinina Fofana who is currently facing hearing bordering on allegations that he breached some of the terms of his conditional early release.

After denying breaching the conditions at the preliminary hearing on the 16th March 2016, Moinina Fofana on Friday last week admitted in court violating the terms of his conditional early release.

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To all these charges read to him, Moinina pleaded guilty but asked the court to give him time to explain certain things. He was granted this request as he admitted through an interpreter that “I went to Makeni  but I did not go there for any political reason.”

He said, “I want to make this clear that when I left Bo for Freetown to come and see my daughter  to search for accommodation during that time my brother who normally assists me was in Makeni and told me to go and meet him there, so that he will assist me in my fishing and agricultural work. I did not go there to do anything wrong or to violate my agreement. When I went to Makeni I met a large crowd in a hall and I was told that the Youth League.”

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Moinina informed the court through the judge designate Viviana Solomon that, he did not know what is politics “I thought that when you register or apply for a political party card, that is what is called politics, as I am sitting here I am not a registered member of any political party.”

Adding that “but if they say I go to Makeni for politics I am apologising to the court, judges and the registrar to forgive me. I just went there to seek assistance from my brother.”

Continuing his apologies Moinina Fofana said, “Binta taught me lot before I came back, this will never happen because I did not know that going to a political gathering is taking part in politics. This will never happen again. As I am siting here, I am seriously ill, it was the court that paid for surgery for me where they did a disk replacement. I am asking the country to forgive me including the journalists here.”

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It was at this point that former Social Welfare Minister Moijueh Kaikai was seemingly overwhelmed with emotion and he was seen wiping tears from his eyes.

This did not however prevent the prosecutor Brenda Hollis of taking a dim view of Fofana’s plea as she said even though she is satisfied with the change of plea but that she had evidence which she wanted to show the court that will show that Fofana has not been truthful about the first allegation and his conduct at the meeting should a different thing to what Fofana was saying.