Indications emerged Tuesday, that the sacked Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children Affairs, Moijueh Kaikai might has allegedly embezzled monies amounting to Le2.1 Billion, off the aid meant for Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone.

Moijueh Kaikai 2

Recall that thousands of Ebola survivors yesterday marched peacefully on the streets of Freetown to protest government’s refusal to deliver a promised package during the outbreak of the epidemic.

The Protest forced the former minister, Moijueh Kaikai to react, regarding the demostration as “unnecessary”.

Daniel Turay, a demonstrator and Ebola survivor, told Reporters that after they survived the deadly virus they were called heroes and heroines, and that the government promised to give them a package to help restore their lost livelihoods.

Turay said the government had also promised to provide free medical care for all survivors in the country, but not delivered on that promise as yet.

He further stated that before the outbreak they were going to school, adding that many of them have dropped out of school because they have nobody to pay their fees after losing family members to the virus.

According to the Education Officer of SLAES, Santigie Bangura, their demonstration was a wakeup call to the President that Ebola Survivors are languishing in abject poverty, and are facing complicated health issues such as eye sights, women having problems with their menstruation circle etc.

However, in his reaction, Alhaji Moijue Kaikai however said that there is no survivor with a genuine certificate that hasn’t received a package from government. He said all survivors have benefited from what he described as Survival and Integration package comprised of food and non- food items.

The embattled former minister further revealed that the government, under his care had set aside the sum of Le1.9 billion as livelihood support towards enhancing their livelihood skills.

However, upon investigation, it was revealed, the existence of a government fund of more than Le4 Billion, tailored specifically for Ebola survivors across the country.

These funds was confirmed to have been channeled through the social welfare ministry headed by the former minister Alhaji Moijue Kaikai.

Acording to the National Public Relations Officer of SLAES, Daddy Hassan said; after their meeting with the President, he was shocked to have received such appalling situation report about them as always the information the President got was that all is well.

Mr. Hassan said that the President confirmed to them that the actual amount of money available for the 4052 Ebola survivors is Le4Billion Leones and not Le1.9billion as earlier reported by the sacked Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children Affairs Moijueh Kaikai.

It is still unclear why Alhaji Moijue Kaikai claimed the funds in his care was Le1.9Million when the President said it is Le4Million.

Meanwhile, Sources in the Social welfare ministry has indicted the former minister alleging him to have channeled some of the monies to acquire properties in Freetown.

A Personal aide who also spoke to Sierraloaded on anonymity said He had often went to the social welfare ministry to collect HUGE CASH for deposits into Moijueh Kaikai’s personal account.

Sierraloaded is yet to speak with the former minister for him to clarify the allegations.