Alhaji Moijue Kaikai of the ruling APC party has rubbished claims by opposition SLPP strongman, John Oponjo Benjamin (JOB) that President Koroma’s cabinet reshuffle had targeted Mende ministers for removal. Mr. Benjamin was on AYV TV on March 23rd 2016, criticizing the recent cabinet changes as being influenced by negative tribal and regional considerations.

Moijueh Kaikai

However, in a conversation interview he granted to a social media platform, Moijue Kaikai described John Benjamin’s statement as an attempt to hoodwink the public and sow seeds of discord among the dominant ethnic groups in the country.

Moijue Kaikai said he was shocked when Mr. Benjamin deliberately refused to acknowledge the appointment of other Southeasterners like Mr. Maya Kaikai who now holds one of the most powerful positions in the Cabinet as Local Government Minister.

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Alhaji Moijue Kaikai also mentioned the appointment of others from Pujehun like Mr Sidi Yayaah Tunis. He also spoke of appointment of Mr. Charles Rogers, Mr. Momoh Vandy, Mr. Karamoh Kabba, Madam Diana Konomanyi, Major Sengu Koroma, Aro Bockarie, Augustine Kortu, Osmond Hanciles and other South-Easterners all into cabinet positions.

He reminded of how South Easterners in succession including JOB, once dominated Finance ministry sector under the past SLPP Government for which he enquiried as to why JOB never complained back then?

Moijue Kaikai believes President Koroma’s government has done far more in the southeast than the SLPP.

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“Under President Koroma, we have not got a Mende man as Minister of Works but we have more tarred roads in the southeast than than when Dr. S.U.M Jah and Kaiser Boima – two Mende men were in charge of the same Ministry”

Moijue Kaikai also asked what both Mr John Benjamin as Finance Minister and John Karimu as NRA Commissioner did for the Eastern Region at a time they literally controlled the nation’s coffers.

“I left the SLPP because they were an ungrateful party.”, “Despite the overwhelming support they get from my home district of Pujehun, I could not point at anything tangible they did there,” he maintained.