By Mohamed Kutubu Koroma

The most unheard of reasons why the triumvirate of Alphas Mahmoud,Deeny,and Kutubu were expelled in a jamaat they formed ironically by an Alayjo from Port Loko not even a member:
Mohamed Kutubu Koroma

It is such a Shakespearean tragedy for founding members of an Aku Mohammadan Cultural entity to have their expulsions orchestrated by an Alayjo from Port Loko with nothing in common with the Aku Mohammadan committee.

Almamy Borbor Bangura (For de pekin sake)fame violated the supreme law of Ebilleh he swore to defend and uphold twice leading to court action against him where he was found guilty by the Honorable Judge Clyton Arrons on January 8,2015.

One will expect Teslim Alghali in situation like that to use the prestige of the high office of spiritual leader to appeal to the calculus of the membership for disciplinary action against the law breaker.

The fundamental troubling poser though did that happen, An emphatic no.

What the law breaker Almamy Borbor Bangura (For de pekin den sake) did was the most unheard of more troubling in a Jeffersonian constitutional republic such as the one.

He went to the meeting and told them of being taken to court by me and that I should be expelled in conjunction with Alhaj Deeny and Alpha Mahmoud because they failed to prevent me from doing so albeit it falls within the ambit of my circumstantial freedom and constitutional right.

Even troubling Teslim Alghali sat in that meeting and permitted the most blatant miscarriage of justice to be perpetuated against victims forcing one to lament why is he in the business of proselytizing the word of allah when he is so utterly lacking in fiber and taqua of allah to face the truth objectively?

The said Almamy Borbor Bangura from the forced court released documents he is not even a member of the organization by reason of the fact his membership lapsed long time ago because of the financial standing order but was nonetheless covered for by Malik Yansaneh,yet this is the nincompoop Teslim Alghali gave paradoxical comfort and solace to lay the template for our expulsions Ernest Bai Koroma APC style in an entity we are founders of.

The collective tragedy facing contemporary Ebilleh.