United Democratic Movement (UDM) Local and Parliamentary contestants in the 2012 Election are calling on well-meaning and patriotic Sierra Leoneans to condemn the approval of Mohamed Bangura as Minister of Information and Communications because he is a baggage carrier with a huge deposit of integrity deficit.

Mohamed Bangura UDM

Mohamed Bangura has conducted himself in an under-the-table, immoral, shady, unethical and unprofessional behavior that does not befit a person handling position of trust as a Minister to determine the fate of Sierra Leoneans. He unscrupulously went on air few days to our Election in November 2012 to kill the political fate of his members, supporters, and contestants.

We were forced to public ridicule due to his announcement for voters to vote for the ruling APC party and President Ernest Bai Koroma. We strongly believes that we lost the 2012 General Election due to his greed and selfish attitude and behavior.

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He has betrayed the spirit of political parties formation being a Chairman and leader of a party he registered- United Democratic Movement (UDM), and at the same time participating in the activities of the ruling All Peoples Congress Party.

We consider such attitude by Mohamed Bangura as a traitorial behavior which has the tendency to undermine the trust of the nation and good governance.

He has been accused of several allegations involving financial corruption related matters in UDM to which he has not deny any. We the members have accused him of chopping the money given to political parties by the erstwhile Nigerian President, GoodLuck Jonathan that help built his mansion along Freetown-Waterloo highway, Western Rural area.

He was seeing conducting himself in a riotious manner ahead of the Kono by-election in constituency 025 last December in Gaiama Sewafe town, Kono District while campaigning for the ruling APC party. He was spotted throwing missiles and other offensive weapons at opposition supporters.

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We therefore crave the indulgence of the general public to join the procession in front of the House of Parliament on Monday March 21, 2016 at 12:00Noon with placards in protest of his approval. Please join us on Monday.
May God bless our nation Sierra Leone.

Robert Kodima Robert
UDM Constituecy 100 Parliamentary Contestant in 2012 General Elections.