The former Leader/Chairman of UDM (United Democratic Movement), Mohamed Bangura has officially become a registered member of the ruling APC Party.

Mohamed Bangura UDM

Late last year, Mr. Bangura resigned from his own party (UDM) to give way to a new Leader. He also resigned as Interim Chairman of APPA (All Political Parties Association).

Mr. Bangura rose to political fame in 2006 when he suddenly became the National Public Relations Officer of PMDC (Peoples Movement for Democratic Change) and later National Chairman of the same party.

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In 2010, he broke away from Charles Margai’s PMDC after a bitter leadership struggle to form his own party UDM (United Democratic Party).

During the November 2012 general elections, Mr. Bangura withdrew from the Presidential race and openly backed the candidature of the incumbent President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

After the 2012 general election which was won by President Koroma, Mr. Bangura became the de facto spokesman for both President Koroma and the ruling APC Party.

Very recently, Mr. Bangura was visibly and actively involved in all bye-elections conducted across the country. Eventhough he had not at the time officially joined the ruling party he campaigned vigorously for the party’s candidates in all bye-elections conducted across the country.

Mr. Bangura is seen as a future leader of the ruling APC Party.

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Many people are still wondering why Mr. Bangura was not compensated by President Koroma after his 2012 elections victory. He was one of President Koroma’s reelection campaigners in the country.

A political observer in the APC Party said yesterday, “Just wait and see”.