Th National Chairman and Leader of the ADP (Alliance Democratic Party) Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has on Sunday December 13, 2015 disclosed that he will challenge the eligibility of his political rival Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo in court for the Parliamentary bye-election in the Bombali district.


He said his legal team would be filling in papers in the registry of the apex court in Freetown to ask the judges to determine whether I B Kargbo is eligible to contest as a Parliamentary candidate in election while serving as special adviser to the President receiving salaries from the consolidated fund.

He said questioning the eligibility of IB Kargbo is because he firmly believed that IB and his party had breached electoral procedure like being a Presidential adviser should have resigned his position publicly according to law before contesting in the past election.

“I believed he must have been receiving salaries from the consolidated fund which i considered as a complete contravention of the national constitution and unjust to taxpayers” he said.

“I am aware of the national perception that no one will win APC in court because they are in governance controlling the three arms of government. But history has to be made” he stated.

He added that: “If the national emblem; Unity, Freedom and Justice is anything to go by, them Justice should be done even if the heavens fall”.

Asked whether he is satisfied with the out come of the polls, he said he wouldn’t say so because he heard and was informed about electoral irregularities in one of the Limba dominanted areas at Mapaki polling Station together with an attempted voting fraud at Masorie polling center where a member of the APC was caught by NEC officials trying to vote illegally.

He expressed thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by 3,894 voters who voted for ADP including those who mistakenly made a void votes.

“I am satisfied with the performance of theses voters because within two weeks they took ownership of the party and familiarized themselves with the ideology which they were preaching to their own people” he maintained.

He boasted confidently that he defeated the APC in nine (9) polling centers with huge numbers out of 25 polling Stations and somehow battled for some areas with one or two votes difference in the biggest and strongest mother land of the APC.

He said before 2018 the issue of strong hold would have been erase completely because politics is based on reality.

He emphasized that he was impressed with the hope the people of Bombali have given him in the mother land of the ruling all peoples congress.

He said he will embark on a “Thank you tour” in constituency 030 to tell the votes that he will continue to visit them to strengthening the family and political relationship ahead of 2018 by next week.

He concluded that they people deserve the heaviest of praises.