Mr. Mansaray as studio guest on Tuesday 15th December 2015 at AYV Television said the ruling APC government had planned to wreck the economic and social lives of the citizens in this country, adding that the APC intend causing more havoc in the country which is why IB Kargbo had been selected to go to Parliament to legislate an extension of the Presidential term limit in favour of President Koroma.

Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray

“President Koroma Must go Political and constitutionally after serving his last and final term” said Kamarainba.

The constitution, he said is very simple and clear on term limit for Presidency in Sierra Leone.

He sworn that it would be over his dead body for him to sit by and watch very few unpatriotic adults youths to spill conflict into the country with a nonsensical MORE TIME move.

Against this background, he assured Sierra Leoneans that he is making preparation to launch a national campaign against MORE TIME robustly.

Mr. Mansaray appealed to all Sierra Leoneans who had the country at heart to join him to stop the APC from succeeding in such chaotic direction.

He revealed that APC ministers were all over Bombali district ahead of Saturday December 12, 2015 bye-election preaching hate speech and telling people that he belong to the Fulah tribe.

He added that before the citizens trooped out in various polling units to decide they were already intimidated by APC officials.

He said it was a bitter, muddlinging-free campaign never before witnessed in Sierra Leone. With the refrain, “I have no enemies to fight” a motif of his campaign, Kamarainba said he hugely concerned himself with issue-based campaign rather that reply to darts thrown at him by his vociferous opponent and his entire government.

As if the preaching of tribalism was not enough, he said the selective Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh went on telling voters not to vote for him because he was planning to fly out of the country after winning the election thereby crating fear in the minds of the people.