During the Launching of the ‘Hands off our Girls’ Campaign by His Excellency President Bio at the Bintumani Hotel Aberdeen on Friday 14th December, the telephone of VP Dr. Juldeh Jalloh suddenly disappeared into thin air and security guards were all over the place looking for it after the program.

This ugly event has been criticised by members of the public who were there as the absence of appropriate security for the second gentleman of the state.

More frustrating is the fact that it had to happen where First Ladies from across Africa were present and the President also delivered a moving speech in favour of the campaign/project of Lady Fatima Bio. Of note is the fact that all these distinguish personalities occupied the high table with the VP. What does this say for the country’s security?

It goes without saying that in all such occasions the protocol officers of the respective VVIPs, stand around them and around the side of the stage and ordinary people are not allowed to go nearer them.

According to our observation barely 2 minutes after leaving the stage in the company of the President and First Lady, Fatima Bio, including other visiting First Ladies, the VP stormed the stage again with his security details looking for his phone to no avail.

Sources say that all effort has been taken to get the hotel management to show footage of the stage during the whole event as it has a CCTV cameras erected there, but no clear result has been made known about the whereabouts of the VP’s phone.

Analysts say that if the VP’s phone can be stolen at such a special event, it is an embarrassment to the hotel management and an indication that the Bintumani Hotel is not safe for the President.

They further stated that state guests are equally not safe, even in the presence of protocol officer. It also exposes lapses in the protocol officers of the Vice President.

In 2013 the Chinese staffs at the Bintumani Hotel were alleged to have beaten to death a young Fullah business man who supplied meat to the hotel, the body was found few meters out of the premises of the hotel.

This event is alleged to have happened after some bitter argument between the man and the Chinese staff, eventually leading to his physical assault, eye witnesses had then told the press who came to the scene.

It is also a shame to learn that the stage prepared by Bintumani Hotel to host the President, Vice President, Senior Government officials and the Dignitaries at the Women Empowering Dinner on Saturday 15th December, suddenly gave way necessitating the interventions of security personnels and guests to save the items on the table. What an embarrassment to the nation.