Miss Fourah Bay College has emerged winner of the 2015 Miss university beauty pageant.

The contest which was described as very tight and heavily contested was filled with elegance and style, as contestant brought out their A game to win the highly coveted Miss university crown.

Organizers of the event African Young Voices (A,Y.V) themed this year Miss university “The Role Of Women in Sierra Leone Economic recovery Post-Ebola”. The organizers choose the themed specifically to highlight the important role women can play in getting our country economy back on it feet after it was badly crushed by the deadly Ebola virus.

Universities and colleges from around the country took part in the contest, FBC, IPAM, LISCAL AND NJALA universities where part of this all out beauty pageant.

The event was filled with excitement music and performance of different artist. The hall was jam packed with student cheering on contestants representing their various universities.

Judges watch on as contestants strut the run way in different attires, from Africana, casual, beach wear, cocktail dress and what could be described as party dress or gown.

But at the end after along consideration by the judges Aminata of FBC was crowned as this year Miss Universities..

One of the event attendant said there is always going to be a winner in such contest but despite that everybody was a winner because all the contestant proved that they where fit to and had all it takes to represent their various universities at this year Contest.