The Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Sesay of Kambia district has said that Ministers are not entitled to carry the title of Honourable because they are not elected Members of Parliament.

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Ibrahim Sesay, who spoke to Global Times stated that, “Ministers do not fall under the category of Honourable…They are not entitled to carry that title…That title is meant for the Vice President, Members of Parliament, the Chief Justice and other Judges”.

The Clerk of Parliament further clarified that, Ministers are not entitled to fly flags on their official vehicles. “Only the President, Vice President, Bank Governor and heads of diplomatic Missions are entitled to fly flags on their official vehicles”, the Clerk of Parliament clarified.

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Hon. Ibrahim Sesay further clarified that since Ministers are not elected officials, they should be referred to as Mr. Minister or Madam Minister. “Even in their letters of appointments, they are not referred to as Honourable”, Hon. Ibrahim Sesay noted.

Before the 1991 Constitution came into force, only Members of Parliament were appointed as Ministers. Because of the Presidential system of government, Ministers are appointed outside of Parliament.

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The Clerk of Parliament warned those Ministers (present and former) who continue to refer to themselves in both official and private correspondences as “Honourable” to desist forthwith from such criminal activity.

“It is a crime to use the title of Honourable when you are not the Vice President, a Member of Parliament or the Chief Justice or a Judge of the High Court”, the Clerk of Parliament said in an interview with the Global Times yesterday.