If you go to the South East of England, there’s no denying that Michael Kamara known to fans as Mikar-The-Vipar is a star. 24year old erratic self proclaimed “Talk Of Bucks” artiste has dominated every regional media outlets in the last three years in a region that virtually has no black masses.

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Born in Sierra Leone and pushed out to Ghana by civil war aged just 5, Mikar’s journey finally brought him to Chesham, where he arrived as a young boy of 9 years old, living in the Pond Park area of the town. He describes his early memories of settling here as ‘really tough’, feeling culturally isolated and having to adjust to the UK’s cold climate.

Michael’s tale demonstrates the strength of character required to settle in a foreign land, where some people may seem hostile and unwelcoming and the ways of its culture hard to decipher. He hasn’t, however, allowed the challenges he has faced stop him chasing his dreams, and is testament to the power of believing in yourself.

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Michael’s philosophy is that ‘you alone make yourself or break yourself’. He has released several singles on iTunes, including his debut Gimme Love, Break Of Dawn and last summer, topped the iTunes World chart with his track Flashing Lights featuring guest rapper, Young Free.

Amongst his achievements so far, Mikar-The-Vipar has performed at the O2 Indigo and O2 Academy supporting mainstream UK stars such as Chip, Wretch 32, Rudimental, though he remains clear-headed and is determined to stay grounded – ‘I’m not hyped up about all this as I know I’ve still got a long way to go – I’m not there yet’.

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The max burger loving star renowned for making affectionate love songs denied that his a womaniser, and claimed that his too busy focusing on his craft.

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The charming rap star added “A lot of people keep asking me if I sleep with a lot of women because of the continuous sensationalist headlines? My simple reply is no, in fact I’m a lot more cautious now than ever before. I know the regional journalists are waiting to write that destructive story about Mikar.

I just can’t withstand the stigma that comes with women trouble, whether it being true or not. Plus I prefer relationships, it’s a much healthier option. I’ve got two beautiful nephews that I try to be a good role model to, I want them to know that there are guys out there that are loyal and faithful to their partners. The only thing I’m obsess with right now is my Max Burger and Music lol”