Isha Johansen, President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, has a little game she plays with taxi drivers whenever she comes to London. The taxi is taking her to Oxford Street, Selfridges, and the taxi driver asks, “Going on another shopping spree are you? Going to shop till you drop?”

Isha Johansen

“No,” replies Johansen, “I am just going to pick up some makeup. I’ll give you two guesses about what I do for a living?” The taxi driver responds, “You are a model or you are in acting or something like that?” and Johansen says, “No, I’m in football”. This prompts the taxi driver to ask, “Are you a football agent or something?”

For Johansen this is so much part of the drill while travelling in London taxis that she says, “It’s always the same and I always tell taxi drivers, ‘if you can guess what I do I’ll double your fare.’ I have never had to because nobody can guess that I run a football association. I guess I’m different. And I guess perhaps that’s what Sepp also saw.”

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The Sepp she is talking about is, of course, Sepp Blatter and the reference is to the fact that Blatter helped her become the first female President of an African Football Association, and one of only two female football Presidents in the world. He also supported her as she struggled with her many football enemies.

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