Assistant Inspector-General (AIG) of Police Eastern, Memunatu Conteh-Jalloh aka AIG Memuna, has on Monday 14th December 2015 responded to a widely circulated rumor making the rounds that she (AIG) conducted herself and team of police officers in a manner that resulted to the violent and riotous disruption of one of Sierra Leone’s musical legends, Amara Denis Turay’s (Kao Denero) musical concert held over the weekend at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown.

Amara Denis Turay

Responding to the rumor which was widely circulated over the weekend on social media, wrongfully attacking the reputable personality of the gallant and fine police officers, AIG Memuna said their key responsibility as police officers is to protect lives and properties of citizens and that they will continue to do as long as they are in the force.

She said there is no way they will sit and allow anyone to disrupt the peace and stability of the people of this country.

According to the fine woman police officer, the rumor was ill-motivated and was designed by some unpatriotic people who are bent on bringing her hard won reputation into disrupt and also create enmity between herself, the Sierra Leone Police and the civil populace of Sierra Leone.

It can be recalled that it has has been rumored that: “The basis under which Kao’s launching was spontaneously called off was as a result of the police not being capable to adequately manage or secure the launching.” “There was no need for them (police) to have released ‘tear gases’ on peaceful youths to an extent that life bullet was released.” The rumors continue.

“What has my name got to do with the Stadium issue when police command in that area was never in my jurisdiction?” AIG Memuna asked, adding, “This was all parts of the failed plans by bad people to paint my reputation black”.

According AIG Memuna, she was not the head of command for the police team covering the national stadium on the day of the show as it was wrongfully alleged by the wicked rumor mongers. She said her command was only limited to her area of operations which was in the east end of Freetown and not central or west end.

She said that night, police command at the national stadium was headed by Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Keili and not AIG Memuna as falsely alleged by the wicked rumor mongers.

She said even at a time when she was receiving lots of telephone calls in which people were pleading for her intervention to save them from some irate youths who according to the depressed callers, were attacking and vandalizing houses, properties, cars and markets, she refused to respond on the grounds that there was another very senior police officer heading security in that jurisdiction.

She said she told the depressed callers that until her colleague officer heading command in that area call for reenforcement, she will maintain her position in the east end of the city and not the west.

“Neither AIG Memuna nor any of my team of police officers were at the national stadium. We did not in any way or form disrupted Kao Denero’s musical concert and none of us fired a single teargas canister, so why was my name and that of my team members mentioned as to have disrupted Kao’s show?” AIG Memuna questioned.

She said as usual, she is deployed with her teams in strategic points within the east end of the city, were they usually conducted stop and search operations. She said they normally stop and search people that does not meet police security satisfaction, especially those that pose threat to peace and security.

On that faithful night, AIG explained, teams were deployed as usual with the same stop and search mandate and some irate thuggery looking youths, apparently coming from the Koa Denero show, came passed across these security points, some with offensive weapons in their possession. She said they were also seen vandalizing shops, vehicles and peaceful passersby on the streets as they returned from the stadium.

“We chased and arrested some of them in order to continue maintaining the peaceful coexistence they met in the community and detained them for questioning.” AIG Memuna explained, adding: “What is wrong for police to stop and search people for offensive weapons which is the usually routine?

She ended up by revealing that as a result of the stop and search operation conducted that night, the police was able to arrest a lot of youth with offensive weapons and drugs which they will have used to cause mayhem for the people of the east.