Dr. Alfred Amadu Veenod Fullah (pictured below) is one of our newest academic doctors.

This December 2018, Dr. Fullah was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in International Criminal Law (ICL) at the Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.

His Ph.D research thesis is entitled: ” The Legacy of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL)..” In fact, he intends to publish his Ph.D thesis as a book for both academic and non-academic research purposes.

Dr. Fullah also holds an L.L.M (Master of Laws) in International Human Rights Law (IHRL) bias.

In addition to his L.L.M Law course, he did four modules/courses namely:

1. International law
2. International Law on the Use of Force
3. International Criminal Law and
4. Advanced Legal Research Methods

Dr. Fullah also obtained an M.A in Social Policy from the same university in 2002.

In addition to his impressive academic accolades, Dr. Fullah further undertook professional training in a number of areas, including leadership, management and development, educational administration, capacity building, negotiation and advocacy skills, legal and academic matters, disciplinary issues, a wide range of specialist money advice subjects, conflict management and non-intervention course, peace building and good governance etc.

Moreover, Dr. Fullah has taken a number of voluntary and paid roles in the UK and Sierra Leone involving leadership, trainer, trustee, management and supervisory roles, coordinator, case and advice worker, fund raiser, researcher, policy advisor and facilitator.

Dr. Fullah was and is still deeply passionate and committed to working with his local community. He was involved in a number of local groups and initiatives including:

1. Legal Adviser and briefly Chairman of APC UK/I Branch.

2. Chair of the Branch Labour Party in Witney, West Oxfordshire for over five years. He even stood as a Councillor in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

3. He successfully campaigned to improve the safety of the Oxford Hill zebra crossing in Witney, West Oxfordshire.

4. He was a Trustee of both the Citizens Advice Bureau in West Oxfordshire and Chair of the Finance and Personal Purpose Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in Oxfordshire.

5. He was a member of the West Oxfordshire Thames Valley Police Advisory Board and the Witney Fair Trade Group.

6. Dr. Fullah has also worked for a number of Citizens Advice Bureaux across Oxfordshire.

7. Dr. Fullah is currently a member and legal adviser of the Helpmadina charity project for Makeni and Kambia District respectively. This is a UK/Sierra Leone based charity programme.

8. In Sierra Leone, he worked as a teacher, senior teacher, senior trade unionist and was elected as Vice President of the Sierra Leone Teachers Union (SLTU) for over ten years.

9. He had worked as a Project Coordinator for the American Centre for International Labour Solidarity (ACILS) in partnership with the Sierra Leone Labour Congress (SLLC) promoting peace building, good governance and community education across the country after the ten years rebel war in Sierra Leone.

Scholarships and Awards.

In relation to the above, Dr. Fullah enviably held the following:

1. Joint best presenter for Research Student Symposium, School of Law, Oxford Brookes University.

2. Ph.D in Law, Faculty Studentship, School of Law, Oxford Brookes University.

3. M. A in Social Policy, Faculty Studentship, Oxford Brookes University.

4. Runner up for the Money Adviser of the Year 2012. Institute of Money Advice (IMA), UK.

5. Award for excellence and diligence service to Education in Sierra Leone, awarded by the Sierra Leone Teachers Union, Sierra Leone.

Finally, during the Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone, Dr. Fullah was very instrumental, influential in writing, lobbying, representing and engaging in a BBC debate with the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. During this debate, Dr. Fullah acknowledged and applauded the UK government’s enduring efforts and timely intervention in Sierra Leone, as well as appreciating the humanitarian and financial assistance rendered in order to help bring about an end to the Ebola epidemic in our country.

In light of the above, readers please, please join me in congratulating our brother for his gigantic and impressive academic and civic achievements. May God continue to bless him in all areas of his life. Source: The Patriotic Vanguard