A well-known and respected Salone Diaspora social media expert and columnist Kemoh Sidibay pens down an exclusive opinion/ resignation piece quitting the Alie Kabba campaign after a bitter disagreement with Alie Kabba and his fehke fehke media team.

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Kemoh Sidibay wrote..

“I don’t have issues with anyone in Sierra Leone Politics . I have no idea of what they are talking about. First of all, I was not hired, so how can I be fired? I was just doing this volunteer job for this person whom we both considered each other as brothers because at some point both of our relatives lived together in the same neighborhood in Koidu Town.

Most people know me as always on the social media promoting friends and courses I deemed worthy or necessary. I’m not one of those who just do politics because I’m looking out only for my own welfare or in it as a person looking for a little hand out,I would be doing it for the interest of our people. I believed God has blessed me enough to think beyond that ,as such it would be unnecessary to embark on a selfish journey .

I’ll only do Politics in Sierra Leone wholeheartedly if I really know it would be of great benefit to the rest of our people who are less fortunate than most of us living in the diaspora – but not to go into it to exploit them if I can’t help.

I believe we’re in a very crucial period in the history of our Political development-our Democracy . If our experiences living in other people’s Country hasn’t thought us anything else, but I believe it gives us the concise to obtain knowledge to love our Country of origin”.


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