Information reaching Sierraloaded has it that the Mayor of Koidu, Saa Emmerson Lamina and his deputy has been suspended from office.

Saa Emerson Lamina 3

This is coming few hours after speculations hit social media that Diana Konomanyi,  the Minister of Local Government, President Koroma’s intimate friend in conjunction with the ACC will remove the Mayor from office as early as next week.

With the approval and support of the president  the Minister of Local Government will quietly serve a letter of dismissal to Mr. Lamina alleging several offences against him.

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The letter also orders the ACC to effect arrest against the Mayor for the alleged offences stated in the letter of dismissal.

Sierraloaded has however received the letter confirming the suspension of the Mayor even though sources has said that the removal of the Mayor from office and his eminent arrest will not be broadcast nationwide by the Minister in order to prevent public reaction to the news so it would not reflect on the president badly as a renowed lawless leader.

Koidu Mayor Suspension Letter

According to sources, the removal of the Koidu City Mayor from office is a start of a long campaign to promote president Koroma’s unconstitutional third term. A number of Mayors and Paramount Chiefs will be removed from office if they fail to support the president’s third term.

The illegal and the unconstitutional removal of PCs, Chiefs and Mayors will be done in disguise of fathom allegations with the ACC acting as the lapdog to effect arrest.

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All these crimes perpetrated by Diana against innocent authorities are president Koroma’s idea, using the Local Government Minister as a weapon to discredit authorities and sack them. Anything the Minister does legal or illegal she has the full backing of the president, the source hinted.

More details on this investigation to follow…