Sorie Sesay, father of the late Christina Sesay, 21, who was allegedly raped, is appealing to the investigators to speed up with their investigation.


Almost shedding tears, Mr. Sesay said his daughter had just taken the Basic Examination Certificate Examination (BECE), saying it was on Good Friday when he asked her to wash his traveling bag and sport shoe, as he was planning to go to the provinces.

He added, “I went to sleep only to be rudely awakened by a bang on my door, when I opened it I saw an Operational Security Division (OSD) police personnel and a group of people outside my door. The police asked me if I was the father of Christina and I said yes. He then asked me to follow him.”

He continued “I followed the police to ‘car wash’ in Kissy not too far from where we lived that was where they said my daughter was [allegedly] raped.”

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Mr. Sesay also explained that one of the alleged rapists who the OSD captured was asked to carry the body to the police station, noting that the other alleged culprit was later brought to the police post and subsequently taken to Police Mess-Mess Station.

Mr Sesay said the post-mortem result showed that Christiana was drugged and that her internal organs were injured as a result of over dose. He also stated that the result showed that she was raped.

Mr Sesay appealed to the police to speed up the trial and ensure that the alleged culprits are brought to book as soon as possible.