Magistrate Abou Bhakarr Binneh Kamara of the Freetown Magistrate Court No 1 on Monday sentenced the accused, Mohamed Koroma, to two year imprisonment after he had pleaded guilty to three counts charge or pays a fine of one million five hundred thousand Leones (1,500,000).


The accused pleaded guilty to three counts charge, ranging from loitering contrary to section 8 of the Public Order Act of No 46 of 1965; found at night with offensive weapon contrary to section 28(1) of the larceny Act of 1916 and also found at night in possession with house breaking implement contrary to section 28(2) of the larceny Act of1916.

The accused pleaded guilty to the above charges when asked by Magistrate Binneh Kamara whether he was guilty or not. The accused pleaded for mercy to the Magistrate as there was no legal representative in court for him, adding that this was the very first time he was being involved in such a crime.

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According to Magistrate Binneh, “since the accused did not waste the court’s precious time he will give him a minimal sentence”.

Magistrate Abou Bhakarr Kamara sentenced the accused to two year imprisonment as opposed to five year or pays a fine of one million five hundred thousand Leone (1,500,000).

According to the particular of offence before the court, that Mohamed Koroma on Wednesday 17th February 2016 at 6 May street found loitering with intent to commit a felony and sergeant 8715 Bangura .S was the prosecuting officer for this matter.