Magistrate Mohamed Salieu Seray-Wurie of Ross Road Court No.1 has convicted and sentenced one Mohamed Sesay to twelve months in prison or pay an alternative fine of five hundred thousand Leones (Le500, 000).

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Mohamed Sesay was found guilty of the offence of obtaining goods by false pretenses. At the proceedings of crime hearing, it was revealed that the convict went to the victim, Abdulai Barrie, a businessman at Fourah Bay Road and collected one cartoon of Dragons spray with an inscription ‘Super Dooz 34000 Delay spray’ claiming that he was sent by one Ernest Kargbo.

However, the prosecuting officer, constable 4913 MariamaYanka said the spray which the fraudster Mohamed Sesay took from the complainant valued five hundred thousand Leones.

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She added that the action of the convict has inflicted economic hardship and damages to the victim.

In his ruling, magistrate Seray-Wurie held that he was “certain” that the convict knew his act was illegal and criminal, but planned and executed it with the view of permanently depriving the complainant of his goods at the time when the country was facing serious economic down turn.

“Having considered very seriously the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses, particulars of the offence and also the statement of the convict to the police, I am satisfied that the prosecution has adduced sufficient evidence connecting the convict to the offence charged. I therefore found him guilty as charged,” he ruled.

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Magistrate Seray-Wurie asked the convict to take a plea of mitigation because he was not represented by a solicitor.

The convict on the other hand, kept denying that he falsely obtained the spray, but claimed that he was sent to collect it by a certain Ernest Kargbo.

“I did not do the things they said I did. I am the kind of person who does not steal. It is not that it is any fraud or anything,” he explained.

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He however begged the court for mercy and asked the magistrate to caution and release him because according to him, he was a first time offender with no criminal records.

The magistrate however sentenced him to twelve months in prison to be run concurrently or pay a fine of five hundred thousand Leones immediately. He also ordered him to pay the same amount to the complaint as compensation for damages. Meanwhile, it was unclear whether he was able to pay his fine or was taken to Pademba Road prison as of press at time yesterday.